You’re likely here because you want to learn more about what we do, why we do it, and how you can help. Here are some key points:

What we do

We are an Iowa-based and Iowa-focused organization working to get better protections for dogs in Iowa’s commercial breeding kennels (aka puppy mills). We believe the best way to accomplish that is by:

Educate the puppy-buying public to help them avoid doing business with kennels where dogs are subjected to inhumane conditions. We accomplish this through a variety of marketing and outreach efforts.

Encourage the enforcement of existing state laws that are meant to provide protections for the dogs in commercial kennels. We accomplish this by collecting data and sharing it with the appropriate agencies; most typically the Iowa Department of Agriculture and county sheriff’s offices.

Work to strengthen those laws. We accomplish this through grassroots efforts. We have a sister lobbying organization to help with this important work – Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.

Why we do it

Because it’s a big problem in our state. With approximately 220 licensees, Iowa has the unfortunate distinction of having the second largest number of USDA-licensed, large-scale commercial kennels in the nation (aka puppy mills). The most recent data shows that at least 15,000 adult breeding dogs are kept in them. Some kennels keep as many as 400+ dogs. One kennel in Lee county often has 1500+ adult dogs on site.

Because many of the dogs are suffering. These kennels are beholden to the regulations dictated in the federal Animal Welfare Act. The Act is woefully inadequate. We continuously monitor the reports generated by the USDA showing results of the inspections of these kennels. Far too many of them are cited for violations to even these lax regulations; often greater than 50% of them.

Because of the significant consumer protection issue.. Many of the puppies produced in these kennels have significant health and temperament issues. Too many consumers end up with sick or dying puppies, generating huge veterinary bills. The consumers have little recourse. Many states have worked to get laws to protect their citizens from the sick puppies exported from Iowa. Do we want this reputation for our state?

How you can help

This endeavor is huge but we’ve made it so easy for you to help. Here are the three best ways you can help us help the dogs.

Signup to join our grassroots efforts! Click here to signup for our e-newsletters. We send out periodic updates throughout the year but the most important messages are the ones we send out asking for your grassroots involvement. During the legislative session we send “Calls to Action” emails with specific and easily understood information. We typically request that you contact a law maker or other official to request their support of our efforts. We give you everything you’ll need: sample language, information to support the request, and the recipient’s email address. But the dogs need YOU to actually do this. These officials need to know that this issue is important to a large number of Iowans. Please sign up.

Donate Click here to donate. Your donations will help us continue our good work.

Tell everyone you know! Please share our site with all your family and friends. Ask them to also signup for our e-newsletters. Please also spread this very simple message that will help stop cruel puppy mills….. NEVER EVER BUY A PUPPY WITHOUT FIRST MEETING THE MOTHER AND SEEING WHERE SHE LIVES. ACCEPT NO EXCUSE FOR NOT BEING ALLOWED TO DO SO.