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Stop Puppy Mills

A helpless dog huddles in a small wire-bottomed cage, without heat in the winter or shade in the summer. Her fur is matted and filthy. Forced to breed over and over, she will likely never know a soft bed or a gentle touch. And when she ceases to produce puppies, what is to become of her? Most likely she’ll face death at the hands of someone who thinks of her only as a now-useless commodity. Unfortunately this is reality for thousands of dogs in Iowa puppy mills.


Iowa Friends of Companion Animals (IAFriends); a nonprofit organization whose mission is:“To advance the humane and responsible treatment of companion animals through collaboration and public awareness.”


IAFriends has made great strides in educating Iowans on the extent of this problem. And in 2010, working in conjunction with our sister nonprofit lobbying organization, Iowa Voters for Companion Animals, we helped lobby for the successful passage of the most significant legislation to benefit dogs in puppy mills in many, many years.


While we’ve made significant progress, there’s much more work to be done. We’re faced with an increasingly stronger level of opposition…. primarily from large agribusiness, Iowa’s commercial pet breeders and even large national groups.