Donations Have Been Made in Memory of These Special Individuals

Facing the loss of a beloved friend, family member or pet can be a difficult experience. A memorial gift is a beautiful way to honor them. Your donation to Iowa Friends of Companion Animals honors those who have passed away by supporting our effort to end puppy mills.

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Tara Ann and Tessa Rose

Tara Ann and Tessa Rose are 2 of the many sweet poodles rescued from puppy mills that have been lucky enough to end up in the home of Roberta H., one of best dog-moms in the whole world. Roberta not only rescues and rehabilitates these sweet dogs, she also participates in our annual Lobby Day events and speaks up on their behalf in our state capitol. Tara Ann and Tessa Rose and ALL dogs are so very lucky to have Roberta in their corner.



One of Dana & Troy Nogelmeier’s lucky dogs.

Charlie and Buttercup have one of THE BEST dog mom’s ever – Dana Healy Nogelmeier! And Dana has one of THE BEST mom’s, too – Kathy Healy! Kathy made a donation to our organization in honor of Dana’s commitment to this cause; to help dogs in Iowa puppy mills. THANK YOU, KATHY & DANA!!



Ginger, Willie & Roo. Good dogs who are sorely missed.

Ginger, Willie, and Roo were victims of the puppy mill breeding industry and each suffered from some type of genetic health deficiency which took their lives prematurely. Their caretaker, Lynn Snyder, says, “As my commitment to them, and all others that continue to suffer at the hands of puppy mill breeders, I will continue to fight for better laws.” We say, “THANK YOU, LYNN!”



Little Momma – A precious girl.

I met Little Momma in March 2013. She was a very frightened little 10-year-old girl who had been rescued with 18 other dogs from a puppy mill. I was volunteering at the shelter where they brought all of the dogs. Sadly, four of the 19 dogs were given back to the puppy miller intact to sell in order to pay fines and court costs. The rest were put up for adoption, but nobody chose to adopt Little Momma.

I made the decision to adopt Little Momma in July of 2013. She opened my eyes to the horrors of puppy mills and what they do to a dog. She came to me with a broken jaw, few teeth, a hernia, ear and skin issues. I watched her change and overcome all that she had been through in her life as a breeding dog in a puppy mill. It took a year and a half before she was brave enough to look a human being in the eye. Four years and four months and she was still changing. Still coming out of her shell.

Momma was diagnosed with cancer of the liver on Friday, November 17 and she passed away the next day. One of the biggest losses I have experienced to date. She definitely made an impact on my life. I will never quit fighting for these precious ones that are being horribly abused in the 220+ puppy mills in Iowa and the hundreds of other mills throughout the United States. Please join us in the fight.

I’ll always remember you, Little Momma. Thank you for all the lessons. Love, Lee Ann



Frida B. – A Champion for all dogs trapped in puppy mills.

On October 1, 2010,Frida B. was rescued from a filthy Amish and USDA-licensed puppy mill by Safe Haven Bichon and Friends Rescue in Wisconsin. On her freedom day, her tail was wagging a hundred miles and hour and it never stopped wagging until her death from oral fibrosarcoma on June 16, 2017. Frida was my inspiration for getting involved with Iowa Friends of Companion Animals and I am forever grateful that her tragic story opened this lifelong Iowan’s eyes to the decades-old shameful puppy mill industry here in my own state. If a puppy mill dog or this issue has touched your life in any way, please help IaFriends help the thousands of other “Fridas” who are still waiting for their freedom days.

We love you and miss you, Frida B.!

Lisa, Heidi Ho, Mia and Lucy Marie



Shorty 11-28-06 to 7-1-17

Shorty was my rescue from CACC in Chicago. Even though he was only with me for a short 3 1/2 years, he accomplished so much. He was a kind and loving Therapy Dog spreading joy and love to all he met. His resilience through all his health issues goes unmatched. He was a wonderful companion and friend. Myself and all who knew him miss him dearly. RIP sweet boy! We’ll see you again someday little buddy.
Love you,
Mom and Graycie Mae ❤️🐾



Our dear Spokespup,Eddie was rescued from a terrible Iowa puppy mill by Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, NE. That’s where I found him. Seeing the damage inflicted upon him from his time in a mill is what spurred me to action; to start this organization and work to get the word out. Too many of these breeders are indifferent to the pain they inflict, too many never give a thought to the way they deform the lives of the dogs they hold captive. That needs to change, and the fight we are fighting is the only thing that can make that happen, however elusive our progress might seem at times. We are on a justice train that is sometimes slow but always headed in the right direction, so please stay on board for the trip! My sweet little boy is gone, replaced for now by a profound sadness but also genuine gratitude. We will miss him for a long, long time, and remember him forever. But he deserves a legacy that makes a difference for other dogs like him, and I want to see that he gets it.



Denise Van Heuveln was an amazing supporter of our organization. Early on she helped us compile and analyze the USDA data we obtain. Without a doubt, had it not been for Denise’s help, we never would have gotten off the ground. We know she’s watching over her family and the animals. “Thank you for caring so deeply, Denise.”



In Memory of Ryan Elliott Ryan Elliott was one of our board members. He was doing wonderful work to help dogs in Iowa puppy mills. He cared deeply about these animals. We’re so saddened by his sudden passing and will miss him greatly. The world has lost a wonderful man much too early. We wish his family peace.



Rosie Grace lived in a puppy mill in Iowa for a little over 9 1/2 years and had many beautiful puppies. She was rescued when the owner of the awful puppy mill decided she was no longer able to produce more puppies. Here’s Rosie’s story: “I don’t know why Mom picked me out of all the dogs out there, but I’m glad she did. When she picked me up from the rescue organization that had me, I was a little scared. But when we got to my new home I met my new brother, Bo, and I liked him right away. He told me I’d like my new Mom so I felt better. I didn’t know it, but Bo was very sick and, sadly, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge the very next day. Mom was devastated and cried and cried. I tried to comfort her by cuddling next to her. That’s how I got my middle name, Grace, because Mom said that I was her saving grace. Bo was right – I grew to love my new home and my new Mom. She told me she loved me all the time. But all the love in the world couldn’t save me from the terrible toll that the mill took on my body and just a few months later I got very sick. Mom did everything she could to help me but I was just too sick. She held me and kissed me and told me that she loved me, like she had done so many, many times before, and then the doctors helped me cross the Bridge to join my brother Bo. Now we’re there waiting for Mom and our other brother, Dixon. I’m so glad I got to have a wonderful Mom on earth, if only for a little while.



In memory of our dear Katie. She was very loved and is greatly missed.



Mika was rescued from a MN puppy mill. She spent the last year of her life in the care of two of the best mommies in the whole world. Her moms and grandma miss her very, very much.



You would have loved knowing Bayou Beau! Beau was a Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivor. He was found five weeks after the first storm, buried up to his neck in mud in the wreckage in New Orleans. He was severely emaciated and near death. Through rescue efforts he was brought to Iowa where he recovered and found a “forever” home. He was a brave and faithful little soldier. No dog was ever more devoted. He is very much missed.



This is Riley. She was the apple of her mom’s eye. Mom unknowingly purchased Riley from an Amana, Iowa puppy mill. Riley suffered significant health issues her entire life and left this earth way too early.



One of our wonderful supporters, Tim Johnson of Newton, made a donation in memory of his dear brother, Mark, who passed away in January 2015. Thank you Tim. We hope you find peace.



Sadie is so very lucky to have been rescued from an Iowa puppy mill. She currently resides with her new family in Des Moines. Her new mom, Debra, made a donation to IAFriends in Sadie’s honor. Debra says, “Sadie is thriving after 1-1/2 years post-captivity (and at age 10-1/2 years!).  Her only remaining ‘issue’ is separation anxiety….particularly from her ‘mama’!  Her confidence in every other respect grows daily…as observed by many friends who have spent time with us since her adoption.  Sadie has, in fact, become the de facto ‘shop dog’ at my hair salon whenever I have an appointment – taking it upon herself to personally greet everyone in the place.  Welcoming her into our home has been one of the best things we’ve ever done.  And I tell her story to everyone we meet, educating them about the evils of the puppy mill industry.  Sadie has, quite simply, become the face of anti-puppy mill legislation among our circle.”Next time someone justifies their decision to buy a puppy so they won’t end up with a dog with issues, tell them about Sadie and the joy she brings to her new family.



Dougal and Scooter lived long, happy lives with their respective families. One of our great supporters made a donation in their memory. How special is that! Dog-lovers are the best people in the whole world. Dogs help make us better people. They deserve our love, support and protection! Rest in peace, Dougal & Scooter. We’ll see you again one day.



Dougal’s brother, Rory had a wonderful life with his mum and other westie siblings. He lost his valiant fight against cancer recently and is now chasing squirrels somewhere with Dougal. One of our great supporters made a donation in Rory’s memory, just as she did for Dougal. RIP, Rory. Your mom and all your friends look forward to seeing you again one day.



A donation has been made in memory of Chloe. She’s no doubt waiting patiently to be reunited with her beloved family members, Sheri & Eugenia, and her many friends, including Lori. Rest in peace, dear Chloe.



In Memory of Connie Younger Connie Younger, shown here with his dear dog Mia, was a wonderful animal welfare advocate and husband of one of our biggest supporters. He did a lot of great work to help dogs in Iowa puppy mills. He cared deeply about animals and jumped in to help whenever he was needed. Some of our other dear advocates made donations in memory of Connie. We wish his wife and all his family, peace.



Molly, was the beloved dog of one of our wonderful advocates. She’s waiting patiently at the Rainbow Bridge for Pam to join her again one day. Another of our wonderful advocates made a donation in Molly’s memory. People who care about dogs are some of the most giving people you’ll ever meet. Pam, we are all sorry for your loss.