Iowa Friends of Companion Animals – Position Statements



While we have great concern for the problem of pet overpopulation and encourage the adoption of pets from rescues and shelter, IAFriends does not oppose the breeding of dogs and cats by responsible breeders who use sound husbandry practices.


IAFriends is saddened and appalled by the dog auction industry. We do, however, acknowledge that it is a lawful enterprise. IAFriends does not encourage the purchase of dogs at auction by rescue groups. The reasons for this include:

  1. Prices are driven up by rescues bidding on dogs. This money goes into the pockets of those breeders who will go on to purchase more dogs and continue the cycle of abuse.
  2. The potential for disease transmission is high; transmission to the existing shelter/rescue population as well as transmission of zoonotic diseases to rescue personnel.
Dog Auction Video

Video of a Dog Auction