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Our goal is to ensure the humane treatment of the tens of thousands of dogs in Iowa’s USDA-licensed commercial dog breeding facilities also referred to as puppy mills.

Click this Read More tab to learn about what we do, why we’re doing it, and the super simple things you can do to help. Because the dogs need help from each and every one of us.

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    Before you buy or adopt a puppy–Q&A

    The first step on the road to pet ownership is to ask yourself some tough questions: Why do you want a puppy? Can you afford one? Are you prepared to take care of a dog every day of its life?

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    Things you need to know

    So many people simply do not know how bad this problem is in our state. Please educate yourself. Then help us work to help the dogs.

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    Reporting and Law Enforcement

    Have you seen an issue at an Iowa kennel that you want to report? Have you purchased a sick puppy? We have many people asking us how to report these types of problems. Here are instructions on how to report an issue in different situations.

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